Monday, June 1, 2020

Youths, families can call library to hear new Phone Stories

Rolling Hills Library has books in traditional and electronic forms for young readers to take home as well as Storytimes to hear books at the library or on Facebook. A new service now lets them listen to stories by calling into the library. 

Library staff members have recorded Telephone Tales, which are stories of about five minutes in length for preschoolers, and Chapter-a-Week stories of longer books for elementary-age youths and families to enjoy. To hear the stories, call Telephone Tales at 816-205-7695 and Chapter-a-Week at 816-205-7697.

The new audio experiences are another way for youths to enjoy books, expand their vocabularies and improve their listening skills if they can’t come to the library. Calls can be made from home, while waiting at the doctor’s office or while riding in the car. Parents who remember a “dial-a-story” service from when they were growing up can now share that same experience with their children.

New Telephone Tales will be offered weekly at with past books archived to the library’s YouTube channel. New Chapter-a-Week recordings will be released weekly with a new book started every few months, and recordings saved to YouTube in case anyone misses a week. New recordings for both will be uploaded before noon on Mondays.